Saturday, September 15, 2012

Givenchy Christmas Collection - Contes de Noel

On sale November 5, this collection has me drooling!

Powder and blush in one,  Le Prisme Enchanté (Enchanted Roses) looks stunning, and being a collector's edition, I have a feeling it will go fast!!

Contes de Noel by Givenchy also comes with other two powders for body and hair L'argent Céleste and L'or Céleste. Both have a subtle perfume scent and can be applied on top of any moisturizer.

Contes de Noel also includes the lip glosses and lipsticks in limited editions like you would expect from any collection

The nail polish is the thing that gets me the most excited! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Givenchy polishes. They are almost impossible to find where I am and have only managed to get my hands on two of them. But I am in love with the two I have. This one, called 182 Enchanted Mat Grey is an asphalt gray-black varnish packed with littlel blue particles, and drys to a MATTE FINISH!!!

The rest of the Givenchy holiday collection is just items from the regular line that fit in and complete the set. As far as I know they are permanent items that are just being cross promoted/sold with these pieces!

Now considering these are my favourite lipsticks from ANY BRAND, I am interested to see those in person. The only thing I know is a MUST have for me is the matte polish! What about you? What are you lemming? Loving? Hating?


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