Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Deborah Lippmann For Juicy Couture Nail Polish Sets - Better Late Than Never?

These Juicy Couture Sets were being cleared out of for 23.99 and then were 30% off that! I got these ions ago and I think for 16.80 for a three pack, that's not too bad! The bottom set I had purchased for my mom and was not about to swatch them since they were not mine. None of them were limited edition colours and I had the two non pinks already. While I think the sets were a fantastic price I found it disappointing that they could not be bothered to put out more colours. It seemed like a set for nothing other than the purpose of having a second set. That being said, I am UBER happy that the two limited edition colours were in the SAME set! Otherwise I would have had to debate if I got both set and gifted the other colours or if I had to pass on one of them! So that was good!!!

As you can see, my moms set above had the normal caps. They were 3 regular normal polishes that just happened to be put into a Juicy box.

What annoyed me to no end was that MY set had these blingy tops. BAH!!!!!!!! I hate when bottles don't match! It is a big pet peeve of mine. And I WISH my bottles were like my mom's!! BAH!!!

And here is my set swatched!  This set is long gone, and at less than the cost of one bottle for all three including two limited edition ones, i certainly do not regret these at all! I love all three! And all there were unique in my stash, and to be honest, I still think a year later they are STILL unique in my stash!

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