Monday, September 10, 2012

Julep Suede Brit Swatches & Comparisons

Ok, so here is the third and last of the suede polishes I have. There are two more in the collection (or at least, there are two more currently available for purchase. Who knows if more exist or will exist when Julep starts selling them!. This one, Brit is the grey that actually IS GREY. It is described as "graphite silver suede finish". Like all the others it dries super fast and I love it.

Now compared to the others, this one is the grey for sure. And the purple and the green really do look purple and green in comparison to the true silver/grey.

And wow! That messed up purple seems to bother me more and more the more I look at it! Just for fun, and for reference, here are the same three with a top coat on them so they are not the suede finish any longer. Now if you ignore the really horrible messed up smudged purple, with a top coat they are a fantastic metallic with a bit of a textured look!


  1. First and foremost, I have to say that I love your blog and I wish I had as many nail polishes as you! How are you liking the suede collection?

    Julep Maven Team
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    1. I LOVE the suedes. I wish the purple was a little more purple/less grey, but I LOVE them! I'm desperately trying to be good and NOT buy the other two before they hit your site! But I LOVE suedes!! And I love julep. So all in all - I'm happy!!



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