Saturday, September 1, 2012

Magic Mushrooms - I Never Knew They Could Be This Good!!

So this post is LONG LONG LONG overdue. This was a LUSH bubble bar that I fell in love with but was determined not to purchase due to the fact that I was not done my project ten pan. I was holding strong even though this was a limited edition item only around for valentines day. Then on February 14th my mom gave me a package with TWO of these!!! So yes, even though this was a limited edition product from 7 months ago I am going to review it now. They often bring things back in the future so I figure there still may be a point to this.

Look how cute this is! Does anyone else have Super Mario music playing in their heads right now?

I was worried when I first went to use this as it kind of crumbled when I cut it. I have not had that experience with any other bubble bar but it had no effect on the functionality of the product.

For this product I gave this a full mark for bubbles, water texture and value as it bubbles a TON (and I only use a quarter of the 6 dollar bar) and the water feels fantastic and moisturizing. For packaging I have to give it a 5 as it has no packaging. And the paper bags are kind of a pain in the butt to store bubble bars in. You can not see what is in the bag and if they get damp at all, forget it. Smell is something that I struggled with was scoring this for smell. It smells AMAZING. I love everything about this smell. BUT............ But it did not smell like it was advertised. It was supposed to smell like strawberry and vanilla. It had no such smell to me. It was berry smelling kind of, and very sweet. But I would never in a million years of said "Oh! Its vanilla and strawberries!!"

Overall, I LOVED this bubble bar. If it comes back next year I highly recommend you buying one or two! I sure will!!!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE Lush cosmetics. I use them all the time and constantly sing the praises of Lemont Flutter. I haven't broken a nail in five months using this stuff.



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