Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catherine Arley 946

Now I was recently sent a secret swap gift that included a bunch of Catherine Arley Polishes. This was teh only Catherine Arley in the package I did not already have so its the only one I have not yet shared with you.  This one is a a red jelly that is packed with a red and gold glitter that borders on glass flecks. Its kind of halfway between being a glass fleck and a larger micro glitter. Lets call this micro glass flecks! Now while there was a lot of concern a year or so ago with http://beautycosmetic.biz and the lack of packaging materials, it has gotten much much better and have not heard of any issues in the last year with shipments. I know lots of people who have ordered problem free so I would not worry about the initial growing pains of the company and shipping issues of years past! 


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