Friday, September 7, 2012

Candy Lacquer Candy Crush, Vampire Kiss & Starlight

I was sent these three Candy Lacquer polishes to review and I have to say, I was BLOWN AWAY by these. Its not about the quality or the wear. The artistic eye that it took to put these together.....

Ok. So I should start introducing Candy Crush by saying that the basic rule of thumb when it comes multicoloured glitters (unless they are similar toned colours like blue/green or blue/purple or red/purple) is that I HATE THEM!! I think they look like someone through a bunch of glitter in a pot and tossed in some base. I am not talking about indies. All multi coloured glitters. I rant enough in real life about them, so I will do some ranting here. WHAT IS IT ABOUT LIPPMANN HAPPY BIRTHDAY that everyone loves? I will personally NEVER get it. Lynnderella is well known for these kinds of polishes also. I just hate them. So if you had told me that I was being sent Candy Crush, or asked me what I thought of a pic of it online, I would have said it was ugly.

BUT............ I love it??!!! Did I just say that? I am not sure I can see myself wearing an entire manicure of it, but I sure would do the accent nail. I have no idea HOW Candy Lacquer did it! I really don't. But it does NOT look like someone just through some glitter together. It is just the perfect complimentary mix of colours and its just really really great. I am still in shock I am saying this. I got this two days ago and have not stopped staring at this since I got it. If you think you are surprised, I am flabbergasted! Its about the equivalent of me saying "OMG! Look at that gorgeous pink! I NEED it!!". Would not happen. But this did, so who the heck knows anymore!!

Candy Crush is described very simply and aptly as "Shredded matte glitters in lots of fun colors". It has red, yellow, green and blue matte glitter all shredded up in a clear base. Below is one coat on its own and one coat over red.

Vampire Kiss is my favourite of these. It is such a "me" colour. I love it!!! Matte red and purple and black glitter in a clear base.

One coat on its own, and one coat over red. For red I used 190 from s-he.

Starlight is described as "Lots of silver holographic stars mixed with various shapes of silver glitter". This is another one where the theory of it I hate. I do not do stars, or hearts, or cutesy shapes on my nails. Yet I DO like this polish. Go figure. I have no idea how she does it, how she makes these, but her eye is amazing. Talk about an artist. Once more one coat on its own and one coat over red.

And here is three coats of each on its own. I feel the need to discuss the formula here. It is the weirdest glitter polish I have not used. Not in a bad way at all. If you feel these three, even with three coats and as chunky as this glitter looks it feels smooth! HOW THE HECK DOES THAT HAPPEN???!!! It could certainly use a top coat, but it feels like I already put a few layers of top coat on it! How that is, I have NO IDEA!! But if you hate gritty feeling glitters, these are the polishes for you! I would expect that that would mean that the formula would be ridiculously thick and hard to manage, but its not! It doesn't FEEL like a thick base when using it. But it dries as if its the thickest glitter base I have ever seen.

Over all these are the most confusingly AMAZING polishes I have seen from an indie seller. Colour combos I hate, yet polishes I love; thin easy to use formula that magically dries smooth and not chunky? Candy Lacquer might be made at Hogwarts. Just sayin............


  1. I have Princess Bride and I like it :) Love your swatches.

  2. they look amazing!! Especially first two!

  3. Candy Lacquer did it (the first one) using a premixed glitter mix she bought from a glitter vendor, so she did not actually come up with the combination herself, lol, just bought it and threw it in a bottle. Its definitely pretty, but I dont think you should be giving her the praise for coming up with the combo when all she did was throw a premix in a bottle

    1. It seems that way. Doesn't bother me or change my opinion any though. If she didn't create the colour combo, then she still found and used the nicest multicolored combo I've ever seen.

      And for most of us, we don't make polishes and don't shop glitters. So we wouldn't ever know that! Still love the polsh!



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