Friday, April 27, 2012

What Do You Do After Buying A Suitcase Full Of New Clothes?

If you are me, you apparently come home and buy ANOTHER large bag of clothes! I am not even close to done showing you all my NYC goodies, but the day after I got home a girlfriend phoned me and invited me thrift shopping! How could I say no?

And Value Village has a thing going on right now where for every five dollars you spend you get a stamp. When you fill up your stamp card (75.00 total spent) you get 30% off your entire purchase! Well, as I walked in to the store a woman handed me a filled up card and said she was from out of town and would not get to use it so I should have it! SCORE!

Now I desperately needed a spring coat. And I think I settled on this one. It is a pale grey and not the best colour for me but it fits fantastically so for now it will do. And as said before all these were 30% off. 

I love this navy Liz Claiborne skirt. It fits great and I don't own a navy skirt!

This I don't see a brand on at all, but I love that its reversable. A light grey and a dark grey! Perfect for this summer. Light cotton and works well.

I freaking LOVE this bag! Its a Danier Leather purse, so smooshy, fits perfectly in length, the way it sits on my shoulder, and the pockets are perfect. I have to restore the leather somehow cause its been well loved. But I have not stopped using it since I got it!

A dress that I was talked in to trying on. And fits me like a dream.

This dress I love. It fits me perfectly and I wore it to work and got a ton of compliments on it. It somehow makes my waste super tiny and almost hides my enormous elephant-esque butt!

Pure by Alfred Sung makes some of my favourite sweaters. Cashmere and Cotton in the winter, Silk and Cotton in the summer. This is the silk and cotton one.

Love this Michael Kors sweater!

A Sisley T-Shirt.

A great red Sweater. Not sure I can pull off bright red, but i am going to try! For this nautical sweater with the ties at the shoulders, I HAVE TO TRY!

A sweater I have tried on at Winners/TJ Maxx a thousand times and has always been too big. Solution - apparently a petite! And 30% off 7.99 is much better than the 34.99 I have always ALMOST spent!

Then we stopped at the Goodwill on the way home and I found a few more treasures! This Danier Leather bag is BRAND SPANKING NEW! And will go perfectly with a few different dresses I own!

An Yves St Laurent scarf for 4.00!!! The colours would just not photograph. But its bright green. And a true green. Not at all teal like the first two pictures. The last picture is more accurate but not 100%

Then, because apparently I didnt shop enough, the Salvation Army in the parking lot of where I work (literally!) had a few gems that needed to come home with me! And the fact that I get 10% off there makes it all the more dangerous. Though I don't usually luck out there. The only other thing I have found there in the last year is that teal Danier Leather bag that matches the wallet I already owned.

 I LOVE this purple vintage wool skirt with the kick pleat in the back!

And this Ralph Lauren blouse not only fits like a dream and is super comfortable, it has the EXACT shade of purple running through it! LOVE!

A great pale blue summer blouse. Nothing special, but it fits nicely!

And this GORGEOUS vintage silk Liberty of London scarf. Yes. You read it correctly. 99 cents!!!

And a great teal cardigan I have already worn a couple of times!


  1. If your scarves ever need a new home, I would be thrilled to give them one! Great scores!

  2. If your scarves ever need a new home, I would be thrilled to give them one! Great scores!

  3. OMG what a great thrifting day. I buy almost all my clothes now at thrift stores. You have at least $1000 dollars worth of great clothes and bags there. Fabulous finds.



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