Monday, September 5, 2011

Lippmann Corals

Its Delovely, Girls Just Want to Have Fun

I have never ever ever been an orange or coral girl. But I wanted to try the new Dior top coat so badly that I purchased a bottle of Dior Aloha (the other option was pink and I HATE PINK!!!!). I put the Aloha on my toes as a kind of joke, and as it turns out - the joke was on me. I LOVED IT! So thus started the orange and coral obsession. So when I got an email from my favorite associate at Holt Renfrew telling me that the Lippmann Polishes were going to be buy two get one free, I got a little excited. I ended up getting three and two free (long story) and it just fed the new found coral obsession!

While they look a little pink in the pictures, let me assure you, they are enjoying complete and total coral goodness. Not a pink to be seen!
Lippmann Its Delovely, Lippmann Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Julep Gloria, Chanel Orange Fizz

The closest colours I had to compare were Julep Gloria and Chanel Orange Fizz. Its Delovely is SLIGHTLY darker and deeper a coral then Girls Just Want To Have Fun, but only by a tiny bit. I would say you certainly dont need both. Both Lippmanns are swatched with two coats, and the Julep is one glorious coat. Again, all four of these are probably close enough that if you have one you are good, though they are all just slightly different. The Chanel is also a two coater which is very nice.

Lippmann Its Delovely, Lippmann Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Julep Gloria, Chanel Orange Fizz


  1. Which one is better: it´s delovely or "girls just wanna have fun?" I love shades like "orange fizz" and Dior "bikini" which I guess are in the same colour family.. I am happy to see that these two Lippmann shades are not pink!!! I hope they are coral in a orangey-undertone way..

  2. It's delovely leans a little bit more pink than GJWHF so I'd recommend the latter. If you want, check out my may 6th post comparing a slew of oranges including Dior bikini and the Lippmann and some Chanel's to get a better idea!! Not sure why my iPad won't let me type the link in here!

    Hope that helps a bit!



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