Sunday, September 25, 2011

4 Limited Edition Deborah Lippmann Polishes Inspired By Footloose???

So I am just heading to bed for the night, and I read about a big HSN even going on October 12th revolving around footloose....... which just happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time. Kevin Bacon dancing??? Sign me up for that!! So the deal is that there will be a lot of exclusive swag being sold (yes, I said swag, deal with it people - its 2am here!) and one of the people taking part is Deborah Lippmann!!

I have no other details to tell you except the event will be October 12th, and there will be 4 exclusive nail polishes all inspired by the ICONIC music from Footloose. OMG!!! Have I said OMG enough??? OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!! The shades will be called:

  •     Almost Paradise
  •     Dancing in the Sheets
  •     Footloose
  •     Let's Hear it for the Boy

I have no idea what the colours will look like, or even and idea of what the shades are aside from their names. If anyone has ANY more info, please please feel free to leave a comment!!

So basically yes. This post is useless, but I was just so excited I had to share the LITTLE I knew!



  1. I don't have any info about the polish, but I wanted to say (sorry if you already knew this) that Footloose is actually being remade with new actors and will be released this fall. So maybe this new collection has something to do with that.

  2. I know! That's the basis of the promo! To help promote the new movie!!!!!

    I WISH I LIVED IN THE STATES!! Stupid Home Shopping Network in Canada isn't doing it. GRR!!! I'm SOL!!

  3. Well I'm not very pleased with all these remakes (Footloose, Dirty Dancing, The great Gatsby) and I'm not even sure I'm gonna watch them. Although I'm probably gonna be to curious. I think they should leave the classics alone. There are plenty of books and ideas out there that can be made into movies.

  4. Hey girl, I found your blog while trying to find more info on the Footloose polishes. Here is an excellent resource that you can link to:

    I think I want the dark blue one, but I sure wish I could see swatches before deciding. I guess I will be watching HSN that day!



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