Friday, September 23, 2011

Gosh Cosmetics Ocean Club Collection for Summer 2011

This Collection is limited edition and for the last season, but they are clearing out of everything right now for 7.00 each. So I thought I would post this quickly when there is still time left to get the items! And at 7.00 for a 17-18 dollar lipstick or eyeshadow palette, its a great deal!!!

From this collection I got the body Body Tattoo Templates which retail for 5.00 each, though they are now on clearance for 7.00. How is that possible?? Dont ask me!! The below is the press release for the tatoos.
GOSH is now introducing Body Tattoos which comes in a package of the 3 super hot tattoo templates. Place the template and draw the tattoo on your skin with Extreme Art Eyeliner. See the details for the application on the packaging. The motives are: butterfly, scorpion and lion. Be cool in the warm sun with a brand new and removable* tattoo. It is going to be HOT!

I also got a lipstick in 147 Sunrise, and the nail polish in Pool Party. Both of these products let me down in a BIG way!!! The lipstick feels really really nice and moisturizing on. For about ten minutes .Then its time to reapply. I may be exaggerating a bit. But seriously, if you get more than an hours of wear on the lipstick you're doing better than me! Though the colour I will admit is GOURGEOUS!!!

Then comes the nail polish. A STUNNING colour. Everything about it is fantastic. Everything about it that is except the wear. I swear it chipped in my sleep. I have no idea how it chipped, but not tip wear, not smudged. a big chunk chipped off. The only other Gosh colour I had such issue with is holographic. Another one that looks stunning........for five minutes.


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