Friday, September 9, 2011

Lucite Nail Polish Duo by STRANGEBEAUTIFUL

This is the other STRANGEBEAUTIFUL polish i got. Now while the website says and i quote:

"STRANGEBEAUTIFUL™ colors are deliberately nameless “I find it thought provoking and stimulating to remember and refer to each color by its reference or inspiration.”

These little duos ARE named thankfully! Its my biggest pet peeve of any and all polish brands when they dont name the polish. Number systems INSTEAD of names are just as bad! Chanel and Dior reusing the same numbers for different polishes is also high up there!

This duo is the Loden Cloth and Cheap Foundation Duo. Loden Cloth is a nice light army green and Cheap Foundation is described as an orange tan though i find it very Coral. It reminds me most of my Le Metier De Beaute Kens Koragious Koral. Now these duos are $52.00 the AHAlife website. To be completely honest, though I love both these colours, The red/coral colour is only a smidgen off from the red in the Library Volume 2, and the green is very similar to a green in the same set. So for 30.00 more i would say go for the 10 colour set.

This is one of four duos and while I must say I like the formula, I dislike the lack of names on the bottles (though at least these have names!!) and the lack of a cap on these ones. As you can see from the picture/swatches below, these lack a real handle to grip.

While the green looks quite grey in the photo, the red is quite accurate. It seems I can not for the life of me get both colours to show true to form. The green is a very much green and not grey!


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