Sunday, September 11, 2011

BB Couture Polishes in Junk in The Trunk & Trim and Tassled

Trim and Tassled, Junk in the Trunk
This is yet another brand I had never heard of. A girlfriend said it was the best formula she had ever found for a polish and sent me these two as a gift. Now after hearing that the formula was the best she ever tried (from a certified nail junkie) my expectations were HIGH!!!

Normally I find that websites are notorious for having really bad swatches on thier websites. Seriously. How are we supposed to buy nail polish online when the colours on the company websites are so far from the truth? If it wasnt for the blogging world I probably would have given up! So before anything else I must give props to the company for having dead on exact pics on their website. They dont any more true to life on the two colours I got than this websites pictures.
Junk in the Trunk - picture taken directly from the companies website
Trim and Tassled - Picture taken right from the companies website

Now I must say I love love love the two colours she sent me.  Both of these colours seem to be from the "eye candy" girls collecton and they are SOOO pretty.

Trim and Tassled was very much a disappointment. It took FIVE coats to get semi-opaque and I am sure if this was on my nail and not a swatch wheel there would STILL be visible nail line with five coats. Junk in the trunk was a dream to work with. Opaque in one coat, smooth and wonderful!

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  1. I LOVE Junk In the Trunk. May have to add it to my ever growing wishlist. Thanks for the post!



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