Monday, September 19, 2011

Inglot Freedom System

So I am not sure how many people know INGLOT, or know about the brand. This is a polish makeup company that has been around for more than 25 years ago. It was founded by a young chemist by the name of Wojtek Inglot who was at the time working in the R&D department of a pharmaceutical company. The best comparison I can use is to MAC cosmetics, though the only similarity really seems to be the aesthetic. They are both makeup companies, both have a wide range of products, and both have clean simple lines and an almost pharmaceutical touch to the brand (such as MACs use of beakers to store the brushes). 

The freedom system is brilliant. Its seriously the MAC refill pans and palettes idea times A THOUSAND!!! They have a selection of 209 single eyeshadows (5.00 each) , and 20 new rainbow shadows (7.00). Each rainbow shadow is one square with a gradient of 3 colours. Then you buy the palettes the shadows go in. Last time I was in NYC I picked up for my mom this palette:

The colours are brilliant, the payoff is amazing. And i was so over budget and had shopped SO MUCH while there that I couldn't justify spending another penny on makeup. Though i picked up a single blush. 

But then, the brilliant and beautiful woman it'sanaddiction decided to find a thrifty way to buy the new Dior Rosy Tan palette. And to be honest, having seen both brands, these shadows are better. So this is the Dior palette: 

And this is the lovely palette she made for 30.00!! For less than half the price! And the quality is amazing!

And I was inspired! I had to have this palette. The colours in order are 406 Pearl, 393 Pearl, 431 Pearl, 08 Shine, 06 Shine. So I tried to buy the same ones. Except I screwed up and bought 493 instead of 393. A bright, ugly (ok, not ugly, but bright and colourful which is simply not me) purple shadow. BAH!!!! So I have a big hole in the palette and will need to order it on my next palette. 

So this is my palette. Exactly the same except this stupid hole where my lovely gorgeous peach should be. Can I just say how AMAZING these shadows are? They remind me of Le Metier De Beaute Shadows for the soft creamy texture. There is not a shadow I can think of that has this quality at this value. In one swipe you get this payoff:

How ridiculous is that? I got TOO much colour in one swipe as you can see, and I really wasn't pressing all that hard at all. Look at that!!! Its INSANE!!! 

I also got this lovely palette. Colours are 421 Pearl, 360 Matte, 461 DS, 463 DS, 351 Matte

And once more, look how accurately and intense the swatches are? The payoff is to DIE FOR!!! Look at the swatch vs the palette:

How much more awesome than that does it get? You can click on any of the images to enlarge them for more detail! The other real great thing is not only do the lids close by really strong magnets (a plus and a minus. be careful not to nick any of the shadows slipping the lid off. The shadows are SOFT!!), the palettes fit together. They Magnetically snap together to create layers. And look how strong that works!!!

Before I end this very long, very picture heavy post, here is a pic of the new palette my mom got. Cant get 10 new shadows for me, and not have my mom get more shadows! And that shows one of the rainbow colours. Kinda looks funny in a palette like this, but whatever my mom wants!!!

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  1. I love Inglot! I bought my first palettes earlier this month - 10 square e/s pan and a 5 circle pan with e/s, brow wax, and concealer. I love that the circle pans fit MAC pans, too. Can't wait to see some of the looks you create from these!



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