Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nars Koh Lanta & Gallion

Gallion, Koh Lanta
Both of these colours are new to Nars for the fall of 2011. Koh Lanta was not ever released here in Canada but a girlfriend, knowing my obsession for purple picked it up for me durring the Nars Anniversary sale and oh was I happy! I dont think I would have even noticed that it existed, as none of my regular daily reads had posted it. Gallion is the new fall shade and part of the fall 2011 Collection. Both are simple. Neither is really that unique but they are good solid cremes.

Koh Lanta (a dark purple creme) was supposed to be a limited edition exclusive for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, although it now shows on Nars website along all the regular permanent colour polishes. So who knows? I HATE when stores say "store exclusive" or "limited edition" only to find out they are not. You run out to get it before its gone, only to find there was no rush and most likely a promo or discount code around the corner that would make it less expensive. And the one time you DONT trust the store and leave it to be purchased at a later time, guess what? it WAS a limited edition exclusive. BAH!!! OK. Rant over. François got his inspiration for this shade from his travels and named the colour after a district in Krabi Province, Thailand.

Gallion (a dark stormy grey creme) is as stated part of the regular fall collection for Nars and I have seen it at Canadian sephoras, as well as the nars department store counters. So this should be easy to find pretty much anywhere nars is sold.

Koh Lanta

Just like the Night Series polishes I found Gallion to be opaque and good to go in one thickish coat (or two thin ones). The forumla was perfect. Thick but not gloopy, thin enough to flow nicely and easy as pie to apply. Koh Lanta was thinner. Not really bad or a pain, but two coats will certainly be needed.


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