Friday, September 23, 2011

New Gosh Cosmetics Magic Forest Collection for Autumn 2011

I am still upset at the fact that we didn't get the limited edition colours for spring 2011. I assume that the three of the four colours I am lemming after will forever remain that; lemmings. But I jumped for joy when I saw the new fall collection.

Now I saw them, figured I would come back and get them when I had time to look around and really see what I wanted, and when I went back a week later they only had the deep purple left. So thankful the lovely and beautiful Ayley, the blogger behind the brand new blog Polish & Lyrics found the other two and knowing I wanted them, dropped them off at my house!!! How awesome is THAT????

The new collection contains three polish colours, Deep Purple (an obviously deep purple!), Fairy Tale (a dark creamy teal) and Mystical ( a purpley mushroomey taupewith intense shimmer) and retail for €6.50 each in the UK, or thankfully, only 7.00 each here in Canada.

All colours are thin and smooth and dry rather quickly. They are certainly easy to apply and need two or three coats for opaque coverage.

In the shade, deep purple (though its less blue in real life), fairytale, and mystical

In the sun, deep purple,  fairytale, and mystical
And for fun, a shot of the entire collection for Autumn 2011


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