Sunday, September 11, 2011

Le Metier De Beaute Nail Polish Collection

I am really not sure why, but it seems that Le Metier De Beaute nail polishes seem to be lacking the love on nail blogs internet wide. I do agree that the pricing is a little insane. Up until the recent summer collection they were 15.00 US for a 4ml bottle. But they are stunning and gorgeous. I am happy the company lowered the price by a third to 10.00. Still on the high side, even for a luxury brand polish, but a price drop is a price drop! And not often seen at the luxury beauty counters.
I thought I would post here my collection, especially since some of the older ones are getting harder to find and more limited. I will also post which stores the polishes are still available as Nordstroms and Bergdorf Goodmans have limited colours left on their websites, but thankfully, different colours each!!! road
2.heat of the night
4.recherche red
7.urban dweller
9.true romance
13.vintage plum passion
15.midnight rendezvous
16.jaded love
18.athena orchid
20.noble passion
21.high wire
22.violaceous splendr
23.purple haze

Nodstroms has available for sale the rock n romance set (true romance, chrome passion, in the heat of the night and midnight rendevous), magnolia, inflorescence and terra nostra
Neiman Marcus has the new fall collection (dynasty, anatolia, silk road and urban dweller), the summer collection (hera, eris, dionysus and athena), terra nostra, magnolia, inflorescence, lenton rose, garenia, pink peony, violaceous splndr, magic at dustk, high wire and dymonique as well as the ken downing special polish koragious koral
Bergdorf Goodman has  the ken downing special polish koragious koral, the summer collection (hera, eris, dionysus and athena),terra nostra, magnolia, inflorescence, lenton rose, gardenia, pink peony, violaceous splendr, noble passion, nobile passion, high wire, rechereche red and dymanique


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