Friday, September 23, 2011

Quo by Orly Fall Collection

I was walking through Shoppers Drug Mart with a girlfriend when i spied this fantastic display. Unfortunately this was what they had left and all I had was my blackberry so the picture is rather lousy! Of course I bought all three colours! Purple, teal and blue duochrome glitters?  HELLO!!!!! If that doesn't scream my name I don't know what does!

turquoise moonlight, celestial star, night sky

turquoise moonlight, night sky, celestial star

It appears that the fall collection contains the following colours:
- Turquoise Moonlight, a turquoise blue with pretty green micro glitter
- Filthy Rich, a gold foil?? never seen this one in our city
- Night Sky, a deep purple with pink micro glitter
- First Class, a rose gold foil, again, never seen in our city
- Celestial Star, a dark navy blue almost black with purple micro glitter

Now I tried really really hard to get an accurate picture of the colours, but I could not get all three to look colour accurate at once. The purple one, night sky, is less blue and more purple in real life.

Now when I saw night sky, for some reason all i could think about was it looked like NARS Tokaido Express. So I swatched them side by side. NOPE! Very different. Which is really good!!! No dupe here!


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