Friday, September 9, 2011

Les Jeans de Chanel Collection for Fashion Night Out 2011

When I originally saw the promo pics for the new blue collection Chanel was coming out with for Fashion Night Out last night, all that I could think was "MUST HAVE NOW!!!". The problem is I live in Canada and in case you didnt know this, beauty and fashion HATE Canada. At least that is the conclusion I have come to. Now it will be mid october before these products land in my hot little hands (have to be shipped within the united states first) it will be awhile before i own them.

But since i desperately wanted swatches of these lovely little bottles of happy I called on a friend of mine for help. So thanks to the lovely author of the blog Polish and Tonic ( I have swatches and comparisons!!!! So if you are unsure if you need any of them, I hope these help you decide while they are still available.

So the above picture is Coco Blue on the left, and OPI What's With The Cattitude? from the Shrek collection on the right.

Next up is Blue Rebel. This is Blue Rebel,  Mavala Smoky Blue in the middle and China Glaze Below Deck to the right.

Last up is Blue Boy. Some thought that one of the Les Jeans blues might be a dupe for Dior Blue Denim. Since the lovely lady doing these comparissons didnt have blue denim, she used OPI dating a royal as that IS a dupe for the dior blue denim. My dior blue denim looks exactly like this one so I think its a good colour to use. OPI Dating a Royal is on the left, the middle is Blue Boy, and to the right is SH Gray by Gray. As you can see, neither one is at all a dupe. Blue Denim/Dating a Royal is much brighter and bluer than Blue Boy and Gray By Gray is less blue and more grey.

Hope this helps everyone and another big thank you for the pics! Cant wait til I get mine in!


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