Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Illamasqua Collection

L-R Top Row - Gamma, Lament, Purity, Bacterium, Stagnate, Raindrops, DWS
L-R Middle Row - Glory, Snap, Harrsh, Prism, Velocity, Poke, Baptiste
L-R Bottom Row - Phallic, Untold, Scarab, Unnatural, Viridian, Muse, Strike, Force
As you may have figured it out, I LOVE ILLAMASQUA POLISHES!!!!! I feel like i need to scream that from the rooftops. I love everything about them. They are thick, but not gloopy; thin enough to flow evenly; most are opaque in one coat and better yet, the colours are all GORGEOUS!!!!! The new collection is killing me. I NEED the new rubber textured colours, but its insanely expensive to order from the european website, so i want to wait until i have more than 4 colours to buy. They are not sold here in Canada at all, and wont ship any Illamasqua products here. Now normally 22.00 wouldn't turn me off of a polish, but the retail is 14.00 American, and our dollar is worth more. Yet they wont let us buy them!!
1. Gamma -Neon orange
2. Lament - Bright coral pink, glossy finish
3. Purity - Peach
4. Bacterium - Pearlescent ash ochre
5. Stagnate - Grey mauve
6. Raindrops - Sheer light grey, jelly finish
7. DWS - Cement grey créme, glossy finish
8. Glory - Molten silver, glossy finish
9. Snap - Rich pewter, shimmer finish
10. Harsh - Silver glitter, glossy finish
11. Prism - Sheer iridescent blue
12. Velocity - Dusky grey-purple, glossy finish
13. Poke - Bright violet purple, shimmer finish
14. Baptiste - Deep royal purple, shimmer finish
15. Phallic - Deep midnight blue, shimmer finish
16. Untold - Red glitter, glossy finish
17. Scarab - Deep ruby red, metallic finish
18. Unnatural - Rich burgundy wine, glossy finish
19. Viridian - Peacock green, metallic finish
20. Muse - Deep teal blue, glossy finish
21. Strike - Rich turquoise blue, shimmer finish
22. Force - Deep Electric Blue

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  1. wow...pretty much neeeeeeed purity after seeing this...what a gorgeous peachy nude



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