Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chantecaille New Classic Palette

So I have been slightly obsessed with Chantecaille shadows for quite awhile. This is my fourth palette (though a girlfriend loved the Tiger palette so much I mailed it to her). When I saw this I just KNEW it had to be mine! I am normally a neutrals only girl and I am trying to branch out and I thought this would be such a lovely take on a classic.
The colours that come in this palette are eyeshadows in Valerian (top left), Thistle (top right) and Lavender (bottom left) and a cheek shade in Rose (bottom right).
L-R Valerian, Thistle,  Lavender and Rose
This was one finger swipe of each colour. i find the Lavender to be a little less soft and buttery as the others and if used as a shadow its a little patchy and uneven. But seeing as I use it as an eyeliner and eyeliner alone, it doesn't bother me at all. The blush is gorgeous on my NW15 skin (in the summer, in the winter I'm lighter than that. I use Diorskin Forever Foundation in 010) and is so soft and creamy, I have to remind myself its a powder.


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