Friday, September 9, 2011

STRANGEBEAUTIFUL Library of Color Volume 2

Strangebeautiful is an interesting brand to say the least. It was brought to my attention after comments and shock about the most recent library (volume 5) which im not joking when i say takes its inspiration from menstrual blood and bruising. Now you are all so curious/shocked/offended youre off to search for it arent you? Well, that's the first thing I did the minute I heard. I still NEED NEED NEED Volume 1.

Anyways, on to the polishes. The sets retail for 85.00 and contain 10 .5oz polishes. I have a few big concerns. The first is they are not named. Not even numbered!!! So frustrating for a nail polish hoarder like myself. The second big complaint is that they revamped and remade the libraries but kept the names. They used to be 8 piece sets (for the same price) and are now ten piece sets. They didnt however just add two colours. They redid all the sets and therefor most swatches online are pretty not helpfull.

The first thing I did was adjust the order of the polishes to make them more aesthetically pleasing in my eyes. Now I didnt have any swatch wheels left and was far to anxious to show off the polishes that i used the lid of the case to swatch them!

The colours are all pretty much dead on with the exception of the end purple one which is just a little more purple and less blue in real life.

The only place I can find to purchase them online is


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