Thursday, September 15, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Roopal Patel Runway Palette

This palette collection is from 2009, so its no longer available. But due to requests to see it, here it is!!
Copied from the Bergdorf Goodmans website:
It's Roopal Patel's job as Women's Fashion Accessory Senior Market Editor at Bergdorf Goodman to spot the most coveted "must-have" items each season. This fall she's turned her expertly trained eye to beauty with the Limited-Edition Roopal Patel Collection.

This Collection provides limitless possibilities, allowing you to express yourself and experiment with all of this season's key trends. The micro jet-milled pigments used to create these colors let you apply classically with brushes. But you can also mix colors with MAGIC, a cream glaze that transforms any color in the Collection, including powder shadows into sheer stains and glosses for the cheeks, lips or eyes. Experiment—there are no rules. Remember that your beauty look is your ultimate accessory.

I do hate the packaging. Its a rubberized kinda feel to it, and picks up every single mark and smudge possible. This palette is BIG if you cant tell! Standing upright its taller than my 17inch flat screen laptop monitor! But this is why:
Oops! The mirror isnt that dirty! I promise. Its the clear plastic cover that sits between the product and the mirror. Should have taken that out before talking pictures.
Top Row: Dangerous, Sparkle Dust, Purple Haze, Magic, Barely There
Bottom Row: Disco Ball, Hot Pants, Sunburst, Tangtini, Seduction

Then the lovely line at the bottom of the page when you go to buy this on the website is this lovely line that I FREAKING HATE. Seriously drives me up a wall: We're sorry, but at this time we are unable to ship this merchandise to Canada. GRR!!! This palette retailed for 225.00 which is actually not a bad deal at all when you consider its limited edition, AND its 10 items making each one 22.50. Le Metier De Beaute eyeshadows retail for 30.00 each.
Each swatch is one swipe of the colour. Pinky Dangerous, ring finger is Sparkle Dust and middle finger is Purple Haze. Next up in the palette is the Magic Lustre Creme which is described as A luxurious, cream glaze enriched with vitamin E, Magic Lustre Creme transforms any powder pigment into sheer stains and glosses for the cheeks, lips, or eyes. Then up is barely there which is I am not quite sure its specific purpose, its the same sticky feel as the Magic Lustre Creme. I use it as a shadow base

Next up is one swipe each of Tangtini, Sunburst, Hot Pants and then Disco Ball.
This is one finger swipe of Seduction which is a semi sheer, buildable lip colour.


  1. Wow those are some beautiful, vibrant shades! Thank you so much for posting this. I love looking at pretties!

  2. They are very vibrant shades. Im glad you enjoyed the pictures!

  3. I have never used my Roopal palette...O_o I can't bear to!

  4. oh no! please use the palette! its sole purpose in life is to be enjoyed! and the creme shades have life spans! use it and enjoy it!!!

  5. LOVE this... these colors are so vibrant and unique, especially for Le Metier. Great post.



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