Sunday, September 18, 2011

Newspaper Nails. A first attempt.

I have no idea what rock i as hiding under, but I have never ever heard of newspaper nails before. How is that possible. I was surfing the net when i came across a mani that used this technique and i flipped out. I had to try it. NOW. So I ran upstairs and grabbed the following supplies:

My nail polish remover, cotton pads, my trusty base coat (julep nail therapy - the only base coat i use), and my polish of choice which was Illamasqua raindrops.

Next I watched an episode of One Tree Hill. Yes. Really. My 30 year old self is really a 14 year old girl at heart. Once an episode was over I figured my nails were sufficiently dry. Now remember. Ive never done this before! So no making fun of me!

I got out a bottle of vodka. This better work because otherwise, what a waste of vodka!! And I poured a small bowl of vodka and got a piece of newspaper.

Next I dipped my finger in vodka for 10-15 seconds. I at this point question myself. Really??? Im using vodka to soak my nails? But, whatever. Then you place a piece of newspaper against your finger for 5 or so seconds

So what I have clearly learned is the print needs to go horizontally and not vertically. This was definitely a lesson learned.

Then really all there is t do is top it with my trusty top coat. And the final result (remember, ive never ever done this before!!)


  1. Hi! I'm new to your blog. I just came here via PF. Loved this post. You are so funny! It never crossed my mind that I could use vodka for newspaper nails. I was thinking of doing them too but I'm afraid it's gonna turn into a hot mess. Great job!

  2. thanks! it seemed easier to use vodka then run to the store to buy rubbing alcohol.

  3. I always have rubbing alcohol in the house. I'm a future doctor:P

  4. haha. i realized after i posted that i DO have some. My favorite inglot blush shattered and I bought it to repair the blush!

    and im going back to school next year and going in to pharmacy. so pretty soon i wont have an excuse either!

  5. Well good luck on that one! It's a pretty hard school over here, so I've heard. I still got 2 years of med school so a lot of "serious" nail polish stuff will be performed in this time :)

  6. I don't know if I could ever use good vodka for this. I'd probably drink it before I could dip my fingers in. But pretty mani! Raindrops is so pretty - I'm sad I missed it during the sale a few weeks ago.

  7. its back online on the illamasqua website though at regular price.



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