Monday, September 5, 2011

Julep Amy

So as many polish lovers know, the julep maven program is in full swing. And while I find it one of the most unorganized, "confuselled" companies out there (yes, I'm making up my own words now), their polishes are a DREAM to work with. And their nail envy is the first treatment that has actually worked and made my nails stronger! As in they are NO LONGER peeling! So I thought I would show off Amy which is from the Spring 2011 Collection. Julep Gloria is also part of that same collection and you can see it in the previous post about Lippmann corals.

Julep Amy, Dior Nirvana

As you can see, this is quite a bit lighter than the Dior Nirvana, but its far too blue to compare to my St Tropez which is lighter and has more of a green tinge to it. This is certainly BLUE, and not teal or aqua. The swatches below are one really fast coat of polish. Im used to white and these clear swatch boards I didnt realize until I held them up to the sun how see through they are. On the nail. one coat is certainly enough for a nice opaque coat!
Julep Amy, Dior Nirvana


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