Friday, September 16, 2011

My Julep Collection with Swatches

Now for those of you who ARE julep mavens, or who are just interested in the colours, here are some swatches of their colours. They retail for 14.00 each and if you are a maven member you get 20% off everything and free shipping anywhere in Canada or in the United States.
1. lucy - described as a modern, dark burgundy. Elegance and excitement
2. demi - described as an elegant burgundy, like a fine wine. Transcends time and trends. So sexy on all ages.
3. catherine - described as THE classic, go-to red. Perfect for date night. Known to enhance the appearance of busty-ness. Wear with loose, sexy waves
4. helena - described as an ultra-saturated fuchsia. Looks great on all skin tones. A favorite of Seattle Magazine's beauty editors
5. gloria - described as a modern, coral rose. Transports you to the tropics
6. alicia - described as a sunny salmon, perfect for beach pedicures and fresh, modern manicures
7. jennifer - described as a beautiful, sheer polish with just a hint of pink. Effortless elegance. A manicure favorite in our parlors and a must-have for every woman, from brides to working girls. One coat does the trick when rushed for time
8. whitney - described as a mushroom grey-beige. The perfect neutral
9. anette - described as a subtle, dove grey. Ultra-chic as a manicure
10. dendrie - described as a modern, dove grey
11. alfre - described as a royal metropolitan purple with hint of shimmer
12. anne - described as an ultra-saturated violet. A tribute to one of our beautiful celebrity guests! Eye-catching on a pedicure and head-turning on a manicure--especially if your wardrobe is heavy on blacks and neutrals.
13. maggie - described as a frosty amethyst. Gemstone in a bottle. An alternative to red for the red carpet and date nights
14. jamie - described as an ultra-saturated, dark turquoise. Opulent jewel tone adds elegance to your manicure and pedicure
15. amy - described as a smoky turquoise

With the exception of alfre, lucy and jennifer these are all one coat. The other three are two coats. While I am thoroughly unimpressed with Julep service and organization, the polishes really are AMAZING and great quality. 


  1. So jealous! I don't live in Canada or the US :(

  2. well, i don't necessarily recommend the julep maven program, but if you ever do want, you could always mail an order to me and i could forward it to you. send me a pm on twitter or email me if you ever want!

    i totally understand not being able to order what you want.

  3. hey! us non americans gotta stick together! the beauty industry doesnt seem to to care about us! or at least thats how i always feel!

  4. so true! I always feel like the US girls are getting all the fun stuff and we have to pay prices multiplied a gazillion times and can't even find what we would want.

    1. That is soooooooooo true! I live in the UK.. and some of the nice brands aren't even available here! :(

  5. Hi, blue-jinx i was wondering if you could tell me if Julep nail polishes are any good? Can you please tell me which colors are the bad ones and which ones are the good ones. I have heard that julep nail polishes are wayyyyy to overpriced, and more importantly they are rubbish. Ppl say that they r tooooo thick n gloopy! I am relying on u can you please give me a full in detail review on these polishes :)



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