Friday, February 22, 2013

The New Look Of The Beauty Department At Superstore!

Oh. My. Gosh. I am beyond stunned. I have a confession to make. I HATE superstore. I avoid stupidstore like it is the plague.  It is too big, there is ZERO service, and when something is on sale it does not show the original price or show that the price is a sale price. So you never know if what you are buying is a sale or a regular price. BUT............ I heard a rumour that Revlon Lip Butters were 4.99 this week there so I decided to take a trip and check them out. A girlfriend of mine had an issue with 2 hair dye products and she ended up with $30 in vouchers for Revlon products and she refused to purchase from the brand again. So they were gifted to me! So I thought I would suck it up and head down to get me 6 lip butters! That was the plan anyways........ 

And OH MY! I was amazed when I walked in. This is the location right next to my the University I go to. So I am unsure if the store a 5 minute walk from my house looks like this, but it sure didn't the last time I was there (about 3 months ago!). It looks like a Sephora almost! It is of course not premium or deluxe brands, but it just looks fantastic! And they have Marcelle and some other brands that I was not aware that Superstore even sold!!!

The prices on the Baby Lips are 3.97 this week!

The Lip Butters And the Just Bitten Balm Stains were 4.97!

So yes, I still may not LOVE the way the store works and probably wont stop calling it StupidStore anytime soon (the service still stinks!) but I will certainly be visiting the store again and the beauty department!


  1. LOL! I live next door to a Superstore, so I am in there constantly. I love the transformation they've made in their beauty department! I think the nail bar is especially cute. :) But I was in there yesterday looking at sales, and they didn't have the Revlon lip stains marked as a sale...I totally would have picked up a couple if they did. Nice pics!

    1. I asked today when the sale ended and they said it just started today. Apparently it goes from Friday to Saturday! So I would go back! And the Baby Lips are on sale right now at WalMart for 3.96 and I think this was them matching the price. If they are not reduced, just show them a WalMart flyer and they should match it! But the Revlon should have been reduced today!

    2. Awesome! I thought it was last week's sale. I'll definitely go pick up a couple to try, and maybe I'll try a couple Baby Lips as well. Thanks! :)

  2. I'm drooling. Over cosmetic displays at a Superstore.

    That says something about me. Yet, I'm ok with that.

    Thanks for the shopping porn! Squeeeee. :)




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