Thursday, February 14, 2013


A romantic date, a kiss which melts your heart, a feeling of being in love that changes into an ?I love you?? One can never say all there is to say about love. KOH was able to capture the feeling of love, in a breathtaking collection, in the new limited edition KOH LOVE STORY! Experience KOH?s love story and get into the mood for the most dazzling season of the year: spring.KOH LOVE STORY! will be available in the stores the Netherlands as of January 2013.Create your own love story with KOH LOVE STORY!

I really need Hold Me Tight!, Lean On Me! and Our Song! What do you guys think about this collection? I really truly love these polishes. They are on the pricey side. Two polishes delivered is $60, three is $80 and four end up being $100. So depending on how many you order they range from $25-$30 a polish. Have you tried them before? I have a half dozen or so and I love them. But be warned! They are VERY fragile! They break if you LOOK at them the wrong way. I accidentally dropped one last year and it SHATTERED. Thankfully it was on a hardwood floor and was super easy to clean up with no permanent mess or staining.

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