Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bath And Body Works Wallflower Reveiw

Let me start this review by saying my bathroom is very small. And by very small, I mean so small, the doors JUST open without banging in to fixtures. So that will certainly impact this review. 

Its a good thing my medicine cabinet is as big as it is!

So a few weeks back a girlfriend gave me two wallflower bulbs since she knew how much I LOVED the scent Peach Bellini. I had no wallflower to put them in and all the outlets in my room are located behind furniture such as beds or dressers so I was not sure what I would do with them. Fast forward a few weeks. I was out of my beloved Glade Sense & Spray refills and was having trouble finding them at a reasonable price. I finally found one store that had them for 8.99 each! For a refill? I have never paid more than $5! So apparently I am uber cheap!

I started using the Glade Sense & Spray in my old apartment  because there was no outlet in the bathroom so it seemed like the perfect solution. I LOVED IT! I loved that it was a motion sensor and only went off when you walked in the bathroom. Since bathrooms are usually fairly small, scents can become overpowering quickly and this was a great solution. Also, why do I want to waste the fragrance when I am at work, on vacation? I liked that it only released scent when it was needed. But since moving back home I have been banished to the downstairs bathroom (ok, not banished, but I like that I have my own bathroom with no ones crap but mine in it). The only issue is it is right adjacent to a very high traffic point in the house. So every time anyone walks IN to the house, or turns on the family room light the sense and spray goes off. This leads to a refill lasting 2 weeks instead of two months! EEK! NOT IDEAL!!!

Enter the brilliant idea I have! I was already GIVEN a few wallflower bulbs! Why don't I use those?! Seemed quite logical to me. The actual wallflower units are between 8.50 and 9.50 depending on the one you choose, and then the refill bulbs are 7.50. But they seem to be ETERNALLY on sale for 4/$20 or 6/$24. I have no idea when the sale will end, but in the last year I have never been in with that sale not going on. So the refills are $4 each if you use that promo, and less if you use a coupon for $10 off your purchase.

This above picture is NOT how you should plug it in. See how much oil is missing? That is because it all leaked out the bottom when I put it in this way. There seems to be no directions telling you which way it goes (and yes, I even checked the website before guessing!) and guess what? Its NOT this way. If you plug it in this way you will end up with an oily mess on your floor, or in my case in the garbage can that was very conveniently positioned directly below this. Another thing to note which annoyed me a bit is that they twist in counter clockwise. I will choose to not mention how long it took me to figure THAT out.

So yes, this is the way its SUPPOSED to go. And after being plugged in for a few days, here are my thoughts.

  • They are relativity cheap. They should last about 6 weeks so that is $4 or less every 6 weeks. That means you shouldn't need more than 8 a year. 
  • They are very easy to locate. You do not have to go store to store hoping they still carry the Glade/Airwick refill for the same unit you finally chose to purchase. Bath & Body Works always has these in stores and online
  • They come in a TON of scents. Unlike some other brands, you have a wide selection of scents to choose from
  • They are relatively easy to use. No batteries required. Plug in and you are done. 
  • They have no instructions with them. So figuring it out for the first time might be a bit annoying (or if you are like me, messy). The bulbs also twist on COUNTER clockwise. Again, this is not intuitive and it can be really frustrating until you figure it out. 
  • They are easy to locate, but if you live in Canada and do not live near a BBW store you might want to order a lot at once or get a few people together to join in on an order as shipping to Canada can be a bit pricey. 
  • The scents are STRONG!!!!!!! I mean overpoweringly strong if you have a small space. There is no control on how strong it is. There is no on or off, or high and low. Just one setting. Plug in and go. So in a small space like mine you might end up being punched in the face with the smell every time you walk in to the room. 
  • They do plug in, so if you have a room like the bathroom in my old apartment, these would not be an option! 
Anyways, overall, I really like these. I am not sure if I will continue to use this long term or not in my bathroom due to how overpowering the smell is, but it might just be that scent. I will try a few more scents before making my final decision that way or not. Other than that issue which is more due to the size of my itty bitty bathroom and not the product itself, I do not see any reason not to say go for it! Just make sure you put it the right way the first itme! 


  1. We have these in most rooms of our apartment and have been using them for a few years and we STILL get stumped removing the cap and screwing them into the base EVERY time!

  2. I quite like them and have been using them for years. One bulb usually lasts about 6-8 weeks. I have one plugged into an outlet in my office and every time people walk by, the comment on how lovely it smells.

  3. love wall flowers .. ohhh and have glade coupons and airwick coupons both can be sent to your home

  4. Lefty loosey, righty tighty. Except in the case of these things. They are backwards and I have no idea why, as it is pretty standard in the US. Maybe this company is headquartered elsewhere. Mine only last 3-4 weeks though.



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