Saturday, February 16, 2013

More Doses Of StrangeBeautiful!

So I have to start by apologizing to you all. I recently introduced you all to the new StrangeBeautiful trios of polish pills known as Doses. At the time I told you all that they were not yet available at the LuckyScent store as I could not find them on there. I had no clue where to direct non Americans to purchase these! Well, guess what?! They ARE available on the Lucky Scent website. They for some reason have the brand listed as "Dose" and not as "Strangebeautiful" so I totally missed them! And not only are they there, there are two more sets that are limited edition that were put out for Valentines day!

The two sets are:
Rose Are... and includes three colours 

  • Brightly Stimulated Coral
  • An Overactive Pink
  • A No B.S Red

The Cure (for Love) and includes three colours 

  • Enhanced Gold
  • Super Duper Platinum
  • Any Gift From This Particular Company (Orange)

1 comment:

  1. Ohhh these are cute, Would be lovely for a friend who needs a pick me up! :D

    Jazz x



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