Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Julep Hand And Cuticle Stick - The Dupe I Have Been Searching High And Low For For YEARS!

Bliss Problem Salved 20-in-1 Wonder Balm
What it is:A 20-in-one wonder balm.What it is formulated to do:In a single swipe, problem salved can:- Soothe sunburn and windburn- Soothe just-waxed skin- Soothe stressed, post-treatment skin- Soothe stinging and itching from insect bites- Moisturize chapped heels, elbows, and knees- Moisturize chapped noses- Soothe runner's chafing- Soothe shoe blisters- Nourish cuticles- Tame hair flyaways- Groom eyebrows- Fix makeup mistakes What else you need to know:It's airport-friendly and a must-have for every gal's purse.

Lets be honest. This is basically just a tube of solid vaseline. I mean, come on! Its a total gimick right? WRONG!! Le me be clear, it IS basically a tube of solid vaseline. Like a big old stick of lipbalm (but not sticky). And its brilliant! I never ever use vaseline. No matter what. It is goopy, and messy and a pain in the you know what. I feel gross putting my fingers in it and even grosser rubbing it anywhere on my body. I hate it. So this was a brilliant brilliant item. I have used them sooooooo much. I am down to my last two. They have as far as I know been discontinued for a long time. I have two on the go at any given time. One that I use on my feet and one I dont. I know you dont NEED to have two separate ones but I just feel kind of gross using the same thing on my feet I do on my hands or anywhere else. So I always have one that says FEET on it and one that doesnt. But I am almost out (been using for 4 years) and have no more of the stash I stalked up on when they were being discontinued.


Moisturize and protect in one easy no-mess step. Restore the youthful appearance of your hands with a peptide punch to strengthen and repair your skin. Vitamins C and E nourish and soothe. 
Now, I never paid much attention to this until my girlfriend got it in her monthly box. "its a stick of Vaseline or lip chap" she said in an annoyed and frustrated voice. WHAT???? Could it be? I immediately had to go pick hers up.

Here are some comparison photos:

Now this is a new one I started in about November. As you can see its used a bit, but only about half an inch.

This one is brand new, I rubbed my fingers over it to feel it, but that is it.

As you can see, they look very similar in packaging and size.

Now that being said, they actually are very different size wise. The Bliss Problem Salved 20-in-1 wonder balm is considerably smaller than the Julep hand and cuticle stick. The Bliss Stick cost $18 and the Julep one costs 22.00 although if you are a maven, you only pay $17.60. Considering the Julep one is 150% of the size of the bliss one, you can not beat the price! I know Julep is often a hefty price tag when you calculate the per oz or per ml price, but in this case, there is no luxury price tag on this product!!

Now having said all that, is this something I think you will use everyday? NO. But I highly recommend you take a stick and replace the Vaseline in your medicine cabinet with one of these! Oh! And not only is the Julep one larger, it smells better! The Bliss one has kind of a.... well, almost herb smell to it, and the Julep one is fresh and fruity! I know its labeled as a hand and cuticle stick, but I see NO REASON why it cant be used in every way you use the Bliss one or a jar of gross icky Vaseline.


  1. i love the stick, ive been using it fairly consistently since it came in my box last month or the month before. i dont find it anything like vaseline though. vaseline disgusts me. it has a bumpy-ish texture, similar to the badger cuticle balm i have. its like a hardened oil texture.

    1. That is my point! I hate Vaseline too. But it works the same way. Its a great SUBSTITUTE for it. The first ingredient in the bliss version is hydrogenated coconut oil. Its LITERALLY hardened oil! But for anything a normal person (and by that I mean a person who is not disgusted by Vaseline) would use vaseline for, I suggest using this instead!

  2. I love the Julep stick - I had it in my maven box. It is a really handy item to have in the medicine cabinet! I'm glad that I'm not the only one that hates vaseline! Its so gross to me too!

  3. I love the Bliss one. I use it on my elbows and my other tube for me feet only. Eww feet + anything else = gross!

    I might have to check out the Julep. Thanks for doing the comparison!



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