Monday, February 18, 2013

Marc Jacobs X Sephora

"..................the clear top coat models wore on their fingers last night, was custom-created with special polymers to have a shocking gloss value at the personal request of Jacobs, who wanted it to resemble the custom coffee table he has in his home that is shellacked with thirty coats of lacquer."

"The other shade on view, Jezebel—a dark garnet that models wore on their toes—”has incredible payoff,” according to Ferri, who claimed that she got full color coverage in just one coat."
Quotes taken from!

So what can I say about this? A collaboration between Marc Jacobs (who I LOVE) and Sephora X (that I have not yet tried? Sign me up!

And so to get more information I went right to the horses mouth so to speak........... and checked out Sephora Glossy. Here is what they had to say and a few more pictures!

THIS JUST IN: Two nail polish shades from the forthcoming Marc Jacobs Beauty collection have debuted on the designer’s A/W runway: Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Lacquer in Shiny, a high-gloss clear, was featured on models’ hands and Jezebel, a bold red, was featured on toes. “Marc and I have been working together on his shows for 15 years, and he’s as passionate about the beauty look as he is about the fashion,” says manicurist Elisa Ferri. “He prefers a clean and sleek hand for the runway so as not to distract from the clothing. He opted for Enamored Hi-Shine Lacquer in Shiny —Shiny is his favorite color!—by Marc Jacobs Beauty, and chose Jezebel, a ravishing red, for the toes to act as the finishing touch.”It’ll be another few months before you will be able to pick up this collection at Sephora, but trust us:
It’s worth the wait. “This formula is incredible. It has a wet-look finish that mimics the look of 30 coats of lacquer,” says Sylvie Rouaix, VP of product development and brand marketing for Sephora, who helped develop Marc Jacobs Beauty. “There’s nothing else like it.”


  1. cool nailpolish :))

    independent fashion blog by

  2. Awful polish. I tried 2 colours, yellow and purple, this weekend and both go on like watercolour paint.
    I want a polish that takes 1-2 coats, something with great pigment. Not a namebrand that requires 5.



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