Tuesday, February 26, 2013

K B Shimmer Orange Pop

KB Shimmer Orange Pop is my first experience with the brand. Described as "Orange Pop is a fun orange in the same shade as that favorite childhood drink. Just like the parties I drank it at, confetti floats through this polish in the form of several shades and sizes of glitter. Super fine holographic silver, pink and blue, hex glitter in holographic gold, teal, magenta and a bright purple add just a punch of shine." This really does look like Orange Tang (or that orange drink that came from McDonalds? You know the one I am talking about? McDonalds used to donate it to charity and school functions all the time when I was a kid). with confetti in it.  This bright neonish orange jelly polish has teal, pinkish purple, gold and gold hex glitters and holographic fine shimmer/glitter. Opaque in three coats this polish really is great. There is no flaw in the formula I can think of. The polish retails for $8.75 and can be purchased on the KB Shimmer website HERE. 

One Coat:

Two Coats:

Three Coats:


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