Friday, February 1, 2013

Models Own Wonderland Collection - Swatches And Review

Southern Lights is an "opaque holographic multi-tonal glitter in a lilac finish" and is a very holographic light purple glitter. The purple version of Northern Lights below. It is a full coverage glitter able to be worn as a top coat but equally able to be worn alone with 2-3 coats depending on thickness of coats. I was disappointed with the formula though. Its very thick and tends to be goopy. Be very careful to leave enough time between coats to dry fully or you will end up with a thick patchy mess.

Northern Lights is described as "a fine holographic multi-tonal glitter in a pink finish". Its basically an uber holographic pink glitter. The pink version of Southern Lights above. Its a full coverage glitter and while it can be worn as a fairly dense top coat, I like it better when worn as a solid glitter polish. It takes 2-3 coats for opacity. This polish was like the Southern Lights in formula also. I found it very goopy and thick. Its not unbearable, but if you arent careful, you will get it uneven and patchy. Certainly more trouble to apply than many others.

Jack Frost is described as "a wash of iridescent soft sparkle in a translucent cloudy base". Is this very unique? Not really. Its basically a greeny/bluey/purple flakie. In the bottle you see a lot of pink glitter, but it really does not translate to the nail. It is a great formula, and if you are a flakie lover than this is going to be right up your ally!

Snowflake is described as "a mesmerising transparent mix of white gold flakes"  It is made of hand cut glitter flakes in white, gold and pale baby blue. This one was a lot easier to work with than the Northern and Southern Lights, but it is a lot more sheer.

Blizzard is described as a "dense mix of hand cut glitters to give a silver day-night sparkle". The picture makes it look like there is a lot of black glitter in the bottle, but there is none. Its just he very reflective glitter messing with my pictures. The formula on this one was ok. Thicker than average but not at all hard or problematic in application.

Below are two coats of the polish on its own, followed by one coat over Deborah Lippmann Edge Of Glory Black polish. As always with my swatches, the polishes are all in the same order from the top picture, through to the swatches. So Southern Lights, Northern Lights, Jack Frost, Snowflakes and then Blizzard.


  1. They are so beautiful! I really like them on their own and black.

  2. I liked the Northern / Southern lights since they came out so I could probably look past the goopiness lol :) maybe thinner would help?? they still look really pretty!



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