Saturday, February 16, 2013

Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty Line

For those of you who have not yet heard, Drew Barrymore has been working on a new line of makeup. Supposedly in Walmart Stores already, this is a very large collection. The line has been created as a brand intended to bring luxury to the masses and will be exclusive to the big box chain. Retailing for between $4.98 and $13.98 each, these products are supposedly made with a proprietary botanical-driven “soft focus complex” to amplify skin’s glow and can be found in high end luxury brands. Now I don't know how it can be both "proprietary" and found throughout high end brands, but that's just me! And while I have not yet seen these in any Canadian stores, nor are they on the Canadian Walmart site as of yet, they ARE on the American site. The packaging is white with rose gold accents and the promo pics of it sure look cute! But anyways, enough talk. Here is the list of items currently available in the line, followed by all the promo pics!

  • Beauty Balm BB Cream - four shades $12.98
  • In Your Prime Perfecting Primer $12.98
  • Face The World Tinted Moisturizer - ten shades $10.98
  • About Face Foundation with Primer - fourteen shades $13.98
  • Skincognito Stick Foundation - eight shades $8.98
  • Powder Trip Pressed Powder Foundation - eight shades $9.98
  • Lighten Up! Brightening Concealer - four shades $7.98
  • Secret Service Cover Up Concealer - four shades $7.98
  • Win Some/Rouge Some Creme Blush - six sshades $7.98
  • Ready Set Glow! Blush/Bronzer Duo - four Shades $9.98
  • Shadow Play Eye Quad - four shades $9.98
  • Color Play Creme Eyeshadow - twelve shades $7.98
  • Petite Fleurs Pocket Triplet Eye Shadow - three colours $6.98
  • Easy On The Eyes Long Wear Eyeliner - eight shades $5.98
  • On Your Mark Liquid Eye Liner - two shades $6.98
  • Lash Knockout Volumizing Mascara - four shades $6.98
  • Zoom In Ultimate Mascara - four shades $7.98
  • Extreme Measures Lengthening Mascara - four shades $6.98
  • Lash Knockout Volumizing Waterporoof Mascara Intense Black $6.98
  • Extreme Measures Lengthening Waterproof Mascara Intense Black $6.98
  • Zoom In Ultimate Waterproof Mascara in Intense Black $7.98
  • Kiss Stick Velvet Lip Color - nine shades $6.98
  • Sheer Up Lip Tint - five shades $7.98
  • Lip Service Lip Butter - nine shades $6.98
  • Shine On Lip Gloss - ten shades $6.98
  • Line & Shine Lip Liner - five shades $6.98
  • Kiss Stick High Shine Lip Color - six shades $6.98
  • Kiss Stick High Shine Lip Color - three shades $6.98
  • Petite Fleurs Pocket Triplet Lip - four shades $6.98
  • Nail'd It Nail Lacquer - ten shades $4.98
In stores only, and not available online are two additional products:
  • Powder Up Loose Powder - three shades
  • Petite Fleurs Pocket Triplet Concealer - three shades
Have YOU guys seen these in stores yet? What was your impression of them? Which locations did you find them in?

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  1. There are some gorgeous polish colours here, and the packaging is beautiful. So, for me, when the packaging is nice, It makes me want it! Hehe xx



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