Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Ice Neon Collection From Models Own

Models Own has an interesting twist on what seems to be the standard neon polishes we get used to seeing this time of year. These ones come in frosted bottles and are intended to be stored in the refrigerator! The theory behind this is that by storing them in the fridge it stops fluoro colour fading. While I am unlikely to buy something that NEEDS to be stored in the fridge, I highly doubt these HAVE to be. That being said, I would love to open a fridge full of nail polish!

These polishes should be available March first on the Models Own website, and I assume they will eventually make their way to this side of the pond so keep an eye on Harlow & Co or whatever retailer/etailer you purchase Models Own polishes from!

To see swatches, check out The British Beauty Blogger HERE!!


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