Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rococo Nail Apparel In Deadly Nightshade & New Geisha

Today I have for you a post from a brand that I feel does not get the respect it deserves in the nail world. Rococo Nail Apparel is a luxury brand that can be purchased at spacenk and cult beauty. They are a wonderfully consistent, smooth and buttery polish that is just a dream to work with. The ONLY issue I have ever experienced is a little frustration with Gold Leaf which still stands as my favourite LOOK for a gold leaf polish but its really rather frustrating to work with. It may have taken three years, but other brands finally got on that band wagon and made their own versions of it!

But I am getting off topic! These polishes I have had for a loooong time and can not believe I have not yet posted swatches of them! They were part of the Geisha collection which was composed of five colours: Deadly Nightshade (dark ballpoint blue), The Darkest Emerald (glimmering teal green), Hypnotic Luxe (a bright magenta), Flower Town, (ballerina pink) and New Geisha Luxe (metallic mushroom). The Darkest Emerald is still on my wishlist and I need to track down at some point! They came out a year ago (in December 2011) and so it would seem I am A YEAR BEHIND on my swatches! EEK!

So I have the Blue Ink and the Metallic Mushroom shades to show you today. I guess there is not much to say about these that I have not yet already said. The colour descriptions are very accurate and the blue ink is inky without being so dark it looks black. The brush on these polishes I will show you below but it is a very nice, stiff brush that is easy to work with. The polishes are all perfect and streak free in two coats and I really just LOVE this brand!

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  1. That blue is beautiful!! I love the packaging for these polishes too! xxx



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