Monday, February 18, 2013

Pastel Power Collection For Lise Watier Spring 2013

Inspired by the elegance and pureness of small flowers reminiscent of spring and demonstrates the power of delicate pastels.

Quatuor Pastel Power Eyeshadow Quartet - $36 - Limited Edition - a set of four silky eyeshadows in light grey, pale blue, coral and teal green in the wet & dry formula


I just love how pretty this is!  Pink Power Blush - $30 - Limited Edition - two shades of soft pink intertwine in a flower pattern for pink cheeks and an instant glow.

This reminds me so much of the Guerlain beads! I think I need to go pick these up! Illuminating Beads - $29 - Limited Edition - with 3 shades of beads to add a radiant glow containing hyaluronic acid to help keep skin well hydrated.

Eye Shine Vert Sarcelle - $19 - New Shade - with a soft texture and metallic effect.
Power Kiss Gloss - $21 - Limited Edition - adds shine and colour with a comfortable, long-lasting and non-sticking formula.
Rouge Plumpissimo Lipstick Corail Punch - $21 - New Shade - with a creamy texture and highly pigmented and irresistibly rich colour.
Waterproof Lip Crayon Soft Coral - $18 - New Shade - compliments the Rouge Plumpissimo Corail Punch lipstick.
Nail Lacquer - $13 - Limited Edition - in Power Punch and Power Grey - with the stupid lighted cap which I will not stop believing is just a stupid gimmick that is unnecessary.

Normally I am all over the nail polish and I will admit, I really do want Power Grey. But mostly, its the Illuminating beads that I really want to get! Will let you know if I do and how they compare to Guerlains!

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  1. I heart this collection so much! I think it's partly due to the pretty packaging. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you end up picking up the beads!



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