Thursday, February 14, 2013

STRANGEBEAUTIFUL Creates Actual Doses of Nail Color - The Capsule Collection!

If you have read my blog for awhile you have already seen the brand STRANGEBEAUTIFUL before. Jane Schub is the creator of this brand and lets just say.......... there is some very unique inspiration in some of her library's. Each colour library has 10 polishes and they are always nameless. Jane believes that names can evoke images or ideas and that that can take away some of or inhibit your own emotions evoked by the colours. Its my LARGEST complaint about her polishes. I HATE when companies don't name polishes. That being said, since one collection takes its inspiration from menstrual blood and bruising (I am totally NOT joking!!!) maybe we wouldn't want THOSE polishes to be named! LOL!

Well unlike her $85 library's which leave at least ME drooling, this new line of hers is quite manageable on the budget. Now don't get me wrong. They are still not cheap. You get three itty bitty bottles for $20. But you only have to put out $20 at a time!

STRANGEBEAUTIFUL creator Jane Schub is responsible for some of the most cerebral and well thought out nail color we’ve ever seen, but this fall she’s ditched bookish allusions in favor of a more lighthearted approach to nail cravings—with the appropriate dosage. 
Call it Jane’s addiction or a remedy for the truly manicure-obsessed, her new DOSE line is exactly that—doses of high-pigment polish in tiny capsules, housed in pharmaceutical-style glass vials. Novelty is a big factor here with such a tiny package, but Jane intends for the line to be fun and not as serious as her previous Volume releases. “Cheerfulness, impulsive, addictive, and smile-inducing,” is how she described the collection to Beautylish over email. That’s a lot to say about nail color, but when you’re constantly surrounded by beauty products, it‘s rare to encounter something that actually makes you grin. 
With six trios to choose from, we’re hooked on Clever Girl’s romantic violets and Bright Future’s Halloween-perfect palette. But in the end, all of them would look as good on our vanity table as in our medicine cabinet.

These are available now at Beautylish if you live in the United States. I am not sure where we Canadians or anyone else can purchase them at this point, but if you see them around, please let me  know! I have compiled all the images from the beautylish website together below. Which ones do you want?


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