Friday, February 8, 2013

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Polish Swatches In Plume, Lava, Scarab And Firefly

Have you guys seem the new Sally Hansen Lustre Shine polishes? There are eight of them. I passed on all of these myself. Like the liquid metals that China Glaze, Nails Inc and others came out with last year, these are insanely duochrome-y colours that are really unique. The problem I personally find with them is that they take a LOT of work to not be streaky. And I have no time or patience for these. But with the recent buy one get one free my mom picked up a few so I thought I would show you the four that she got. They really are pretty, just not for me.

An intense and radiant nail lacquer infused with real silver. Inspired by the lustrous color flip of molten, liquid metal and the iridescence of a peacock feather. Creates an iridescent effect on the nail.

Plume is gold with green and in the bottle looks like just another Chanel Peridot dupe. Instead of being green shifting to gold however, this one is more a gold shifting to green making it look very different.

Lava is an reddish, orangey, yellowish colour with tiny gold and orange flakies in it. This one is the prettiest of the bunch (and the most unique). And yes, a teal is in the mix and I am still calling this one the stand out winner!

This one, Scarab is a blue/teal duochrome, but in reality, its teal. It looks like it shifts from blue to green to teal in the bottle, but its basically a pretty metallic blue. The least duochrome affect of any of them!

Firefly is a coppery, reddish gold which looks like it has a green in it when in the bottle. The green however does not really translate on to the nail, shifting more from copper to red to gold.


  1. this is the first I've seen all of those colors. I have Lava. I really want to see Moonstone now, its one of my favorite gem stones. I think I actually like Plume and Firefly the best from the ones you have. they are all pretty, too bad streaky.

  2. I have the "Plume" polish, and I really like it. Putting a coat of black under the plume almost makes a craft "Antiqued" look. The one /MAJOR/ downfall is, it takes a stupid long time to dry. If you move before the 6 hours is up, you're left with a clumped nail and you have to start over. And this isn't $3 a bottle either. Sally Hansen, you should have nail polish worked out better than this. Get with it.

    3/5 for practicality. 5/5 for looks. When it goes right.



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