Monday, February 18, 2013

Limited Edition Baby Lips - With Swatches

Ok. So I showed you Grape Vine and Peach Kiss a week or two ago. I had been really excited to try them and I got the ones that they had at the time. I have been using Grape Vine since I got it and have really fallen for it. When I posted the blog post I kept hearing people tell me to check out the limited edition colours/scents but I had not seen them. Little did I know I was just in the wrong store! I walked in to one of the Rexall stores in the city and boy oh boy did they have them!

So I picked up Melon Mania and Yummy Plummy. I think Twinkle and Pink Wink are going to be too light but I think I still need to pick up Coral Crush! Maybe pick up Pink Punch and Cherry Me from the base line as well.

But, as I was saying, boy oh boy did Rexall have Baby Lips!  This was the end cap display (they also had some within the normal Maybelline makeup section!

And at the front of the store they had all the duos! 

And, in case the regular spot, the end cap and the duos display was not enough, when you went to check out, this is what they had:

The two that have no colour were 50 cents cheaper and these ones don't have the cardboard packaging. I actually wish they ALL came this way. Save a tree and scrap the extra and unnecessary packaging!

Anyways, on to the swatches! I totally forgot to take pictures of the packaging last time, and then tore one of them open before taking the photos this time too! So you only get a photo with one of them in the packaging.

I will admit, I am a little disappointed at the lack of colour/pigmentation in Melon Mania. I had to swipe it across my hand 10-15 times to get that colour payoff. Thankfully I really love melon so its one that I will be happy to wear regardless of that. But it really has VERY little colour pay off.


  1. Love quenched! Haven't tried any of the others, I actually like that the swatches had little colour makes me want to try them now. Are they very moisturizing?

    1. I didn't think they were TOO moisturizing when I first starting using it. I have found that as I wear them they get more moisturizing. I know that sounds really weird. But after more than a week I find it really really really really great for moisturizing!

  2. We don't have these yet :( I hope they are released soon. I want them alllllllll! :)



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