Sunday, January 13, 2013

The New Black Runway - Color Baromoter 8-Piece Nail Polish Set

So I looked, and looked and looked, and there just don't seem to be many reviews of this brand online. The New Black is a line of nail polish sold at Sephora, Nordstroms and other beauty etailers.

These polishes come in sets of two, three, five, and eight as well as other effect sets such as a kit to make newsprint nails.  The sets are quite reasonably priced (this set retails for $35 CAN). But the polishes are TINY. They are the size of a small 4ml Le Metier De Beaute polish.

This set contains 8 polishes ranging from creams, shimmers and frosts.

These tiny 4ml polishes have no names on them, no numbers, and no way to distinguish them other than saying "the red one" or "the orange one" which would be fine if you had one set, but if you got multiple sets, or bought one of the five piece ombre sets, it could be an issue. I HATE when polishes have numbers instead of names, but I hate it even more when they have nothing.

And sorry that I started this review with that complaint, but its not going to get much better right now. The red with orange shimmer is gorgeous. The yellow and beige ones are actually nice. They are on the thin side, but opaque in three coats. The others needed four coats, the green, the light blue and the orange are kind of streaky, the navy was kind of patchy in application, and ALL the polishes were on the thin side. Overall, you are getting TINY bottles (4mls) of not so hot polish. They are not horrible, but they are not great, or even very good.


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