Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Before Zulily Messed Up I liked Them - Now I LOVE Them!

So I showed you about a month ago the jewelry I had ordered off of the website Zulily. Well, it takes them about 2-3 weeks usually to ship after orders are placed. Add to that the fact that I have them shipped to an address in the United States and then wait for a chance to cross the border and pick them up and you end up with a month or so between the time I purchase them and the time I actually get the items.

The little thank you card that came in the box had a cute how to make a doggy balloon on the back of it!

And then there was a BIC pen that is four colours in one. A nice surprise in the box that will certainly get use!

Now I had just spoken to my dad about something I ordered for my brother for his birthday. Because Zulily has zero returns or exchanges he was worried about what would happen if something came broken. I shrugged and said I would worry about that if and when it happened. The customer service I have had thus far from them was good enough that I had no worries.

So ironically, 5 days after that discussion, I get a package that had an issue!! I guess we cursed it!

If you will notice, the bag says Silver Cutout Cuff Set. That is because that is what I ordered. But INSIDE the bag was not the set of two smaller cuffs. It was this larger single cuff:

So I immediately called Zulliy and to be honest I was worried because I should have in theory gotten the package a week ago. So I was worried they would question why it took me a week to call. I explained to them that I get the package shipped to a post office box elsewhere and that I had just picked up the package and that I had ordered one item and got another. They were great about it!

First thing they did was apologize. It is amazing to me how many companies when they make a mistake forget that most important and simple step. They explained how the mix up happened and they tried but couldn't find the double cuff set I had actually ordered in the system anymore so they credited me back the cost of the set. They also gave me a $10 credit as an apology. Would I have rather had the right item?  Yes. But they rectified the situation the best way they could and gave me a $10 credit to boot! What more could you ask for from a company?

Oh! And they told me to keep this cuff as well!

Now what ever looks like white writing on the pieces is the engraving on the back. The flash mixed with very bad lighting and an exhausted bloger created these terrible images! LMAO! I must say I HATE the pair above. I did not realize there was a heart cut out in them when I ordered them and I hate hearts. I do like the other pieces though!

This is the one sterling silver piece I got.

And these are the one yellow gold pair I got. Totally NOT my normal style but I am wearing them to the theatre tonight and actually really like them. They are all really light and comfortable.

And this rose gold bracelet is a little on the big side. I am going to have to take out almost all the links in the clasp, but I actually do like it and will make it work.

Everything together!


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