Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Julep Nina VS Zoya Arizona

So as previously mentioned, I was surprised that Nina was not as neon as I was expecting. Happily surprised, but surprised.

The polishes this month came with a swatch me sticker already attached to the polish. I really hope that its just a gimick to sell the stickers and not a new thing. Because I do not like them and they do not easily come off.

And I must say the colour reminded me of a Zoya I have.

Now in all these pictures and swatches the Zoya is on the left and the Julep is on the right. In the bottle they look quite different. But on the nail, I KNOW that the Zoya looks 3 or 4 shades darker than the Julep. But in real life, with the naked eye, they are ALMOST (not exactly) identical. Without the aid of my macro zoom lens on my DSL camera they look about half a shade to a shade off from each other. They really are almost exactly alike in real life with normal eyesight.


  1. Oooh thanks for this post! Arizona has been on my wishlist for a while so now that I have Nina I don't need it.

    And I hate to say it, but I believe I read on Julep's Facebook page that they will be including the swatch me stickers on all new bottles. I'm with you and would prefer they not, since I already had a system of swatching my bottles and now I have three that don't match!

  2. thanks for the comparisons. I have Arizona. Not sure about the swatch me stickers.. I think it's a good idea, at least from their point of view.



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