Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DIORSNOW For Spring 2013!!!!

Above is the sneak peek Dior let us have of the new Diorsnow collection for Spring! I nearly wet myself I was so freaking excited. I am literally jumping for joy. BECAUSE.....................  I am not sure if you remember last year when I posted about the Asian Exclusive Diorsnow collection and how I NEEDED the two polishes, Glaicer and Icy Dew (picture shown below). I was pretty sure that those were the two polishes in THIS collection, but it turns out I am totally wrong. The blue in this collection is 307 and is called Nymphea. I am not yet sure what the white and pink ones are but I will let you know the minute I find out. And until then, the search for Icy Dew continues.


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