Friday, January 11, 2013

Butter London Spring 2013 - Cuppa, Fiver And Molly Coddled Swatches

Look what came in the mail yesterday!!! I was really excited to see these. I had heard a lot of good buzz about this collection but I will be very honest. It kind of bored me. Pastel creams. Big deal, right? I mean, its spring time and that is what we tend to get. And while I have found that some of Butter London's past colours were very inconsistent (No More Waity Katie and Princes Plum are two of my biggest nail polish fails ever), I have been blown away by the formulas of recent collections. So I was happy to get these sent to me for review and try them out.

And then I got them. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I can not tell you how happy I am that I got these! If you are at ALL on the fence about these, just go buy them. And I will show you why.

Cuppa is an almond colour. Very light and neutral without leaning very yellow or pink. I think it will be an easy to wear neutral on most people!

Fiver is a pastel mint green. Id say it leans just a tad blue but is certainly a pale green shade. I have NOTHING even close to similar in my stash and am surprised at how much I really like this colour.

Molly Coddled is a pastel purple that leans a bit on the pink side. Certainly not enough that I take issue with the shade. It is really a perfectly pretty purple!

And are you ready for the why you  need these? Can you believe it - THESE ARE ONE COAT!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond stunned. These are creams. They are not the most exciting colours on the planet. They don't have glitter, have no duochrome affect, they aren't holographic, they are simply buttery soft cream polishes. And they are possibly the greatest formula for a cream I have seen in a LONG LONG LONG time. They kind of remind me of Illamasqua polishes. That is the texture of them. They are just such an opaque smooth consistency that are just a pleasure to put on the nail. I will post an action shot tomorrow and will see if the one coat translates to the nails or if they will need a second coat, but they are some of the smoothest, cleanest, easiest to apply creams I have ever used.

Now for those of you who have Scoundrel, or have seen Scoundrel and wondered how similar they might be to each other, here are the two of them side by side. Scoundrel is not only darker but is more grey/blue toned and this one is more pinky toned. Just for reference  the swatches of Scoundrel have two coats, the swatches of Molly Coddled is one coat.

And if you are at all on the fence about any of them, just get the entire set of 6 which is on a promo pricing that is equivalent to getting one for free! 
And again, I know I sound like a broken record, but get Fishwife and Posh Bird before they are gone! Yup, I am definitely having a Butter London love affair these days! And I have not even shown you the holiday colours I purhcased yet! They are coming up in the next few days! 


  1. They are so gorgeous! Agh I want all of 'em :)

  2. I ordered mine the day we could preorder and have been stalking tracking ever since. I can't wait for them to arrive! YAY! One coat!

  3. Just ordered these! Can't wait! :)



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