Saturday, January 19, 2013

Julep February Preview - I Want ALL The Colours!

Ok, I do not think I could be more excited about the February boxes if I wanted to be! By looks of it, every box including it girl will get the oxygen base coat. I guess that makes my decision up for me! I am getting it! LMAO! My two favourite colours are Marion and Rebel Though I KNOW I need Julianne and Ginger! Guess I am doing two add ons? Or maybe I will get the entire wardrobe! I really do like most of them! Hmmmm.......... One thing is for sure.  February is an AWESOME month to be a Maven!

Ok. I want Ingrid and Julianne (both boho), Marion (it girl) and the two holos rebel and ginger (it girl and bombshell). BUT........ I think the silver holo will either be awesome and then I have the nfu oh or gosh dupes or crappy and i dont need it. So if I skip that, I should just get the boho box and marianne and the ginger holo as add ons? think thats what I am doing...........

EDIT - The oxygen base coat is NOT in the it girl box. Joan (from American Beauty is in there instead!


  1. Super excited!! I want them all too! I'll have to wait to see swatches to decide though!

  2. I'm getting it all :). Great product and this month the extra gift and the top coat is awesome.. Julep rocks!!

  3. I usually get Classic with a Twist, but I don't need another lilac or red creme so I am going with Bombshell and adding Rebel.

  4. It looks like the oxygen base coat is only an add on, but all except it girl get the top coat. Not the base coat, which is a bummer.

    1. Everyone with the exception of it girl gets the oxygen base coat.. Everyone in all 5 profiles gets the freedom top coat

    2. Yah I just looked at my selections online, and I obviously was only looking at it girl when I was thinking that. Duh me. All the colors look kind of blah to me. Nothing that I don't already have and nothing unique enough to make me want to struggle with those awkward bottles and brushes. Maybe next month!

  5. Meh. I was so, so excited for my 2nd box, but I ended up skipping it. I would rather use my budgeted funds for the 3 for $30 Butter London promotion.

    P.S.--I used your link for my first Julep box.



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