Sunday, January 27, 2013

Julep Jennifer, Kelly & Emmanuelle

So I was asked to compare Julep Jennifer to Julep Kelly. I added Emanuelle in there since it looked very similar in the bottle as well.

Jennifer is the most sheer of the lot. Below is four coats and it would be no where near opaque. I do not know if you could get this to be opaque enough to have no visible nail line, but if you did, it would take A LOT OF COATS. The middle one above and in the swatches is Kelly. It is a slightly orange tinged pink cream. It is opaque in two coats (as shown here). I would call Jennifer a sheer light pink but I would call this a coral leaning nude. It is not a pink. Emmanuelle is more if a brown/nude tinged pink. It is much more opaque than Jennifer but still no where near what I would call an opaque colour. This is four coats shown below and you would probably need 6 to get rid of a visible nail line.

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