Monday, January 14, 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Premier Neige

So this is a very long overdue post. And it comes with a picture of the bag - I love that Holt Renfrew is constantly changing the bags to make them cute and a slight bit different!

And in the bag? Yves Saint Laurent Premier Neige Top Coat!

This is just a big bottle of amazing! This is an ultra-fine multi-chromatic and prismatic glitter that flashes primarily blue and purple. And be warned. The glitter falls right to the bottom of the bottle. It needs a really good shaking to incorporate all the glitter into the base. And the base is the thinnest base I have ever experienced in a polish.

Now when I say the base is thin, I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY thin. It moves around the bottle as water. So much so that I actually had to reach out to some friends who had it to make sure it wasn't a bad bottle I got. That being said, it applies FLAWLESSLY! It gives such a gorgeous thin coat of glitter to the nail that is sparkly and glittery without being over the top or a PITA to take off.

I figured the best way to show off the polish was to put it on the 8 colors I just swatched the day before. That way you get to see it on a number of different colours and finishes! I think it shows off best over dark colours like black or navy (shown here over navy) but I do really like it on the beige as well.

This is a limited edition colour. If you are really wanting it, I recommend calling Melanie at 1-204-926-8105 or email her at! She might still be able to track down a bottle or two!


  1. ohhh my goodness... It's sooo beautiful!!!!

  2. Can anyone get this nail polish pls let me know thank you



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