Thursday, January 10, 2013

Julep Hilary VS Julep New Years Mystery Glitter (AKA Erica)

So I have seen a lot of discussion/comments/complaints that the mystery brown glitter was the same as (or very similar too) Hilary. I am here to tell you they are as similar as apples and oranges. Totally different cup of tea!! Hilary is on the top of the bottom pictures and right of the first few. The mystery glitter (called Erica in some peoples maven boxes, though mine came unnamed) is the one with the red glitter on it that is on the left and bottom.

Here is one swatch of each. Hillary is a copper/rose gold tinged gold glitter that is very sheer. The mystery glitter is a dark brown, almost black glitter packed with red and copper and gold glitter. Much thicker and more opaque. It borders on the goopy but is easy to use and apply so long as you use a light hand.

Hilary dries to a fairly smooth finish (you will want to use a top coat just to make it completely smooth though) and the mystery glitter dries to a very gritty finish due to its oh so glitter packed nature. You may want to use gelous, fix a flat or another very thick top coat to smooth it out, or you can just put two or three coats of a regular top coat on top.

And here it with three coats.


  1. I like the mystery one a lot better! It's very pretty!

  2. Omg! I have Hilary & I love it, but I really, really, really need the mystery glitter! Thanks for the comparison swatches :)



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