Friday, January 25, 2013

The Outcome Of My Blogger Post!

So it seems there was a lot of reaction to the previous post I made. So much so that Ashley felt the need to post a response. I figured I should share it all with you and answer some of the issues in it. 

So she starts by saying that the hate started when she gave her opinion on the fake Naked palette. There was no hate. I was adamantly apposed to it and I stated so many times. I never attacked her and stayed civil. And I will repeat here what I said there. I think it is VERY IRRESPONSIBLE to recommend trying an illegal product on or near the eyes. There are ZERO quality controls, fda procedures or ANYONE that these people are answering to. And as a blogger, I find it wrong to not even mention these. My issue was not that she said "it's dangerous, but try it!". My issue is she didn't ONCE mention the risks. She didn't mention anything other than "its only ten bucks! go for it!". Later, after my pushing the issue she said to try it on your hand or wrist first, but that was it. I had nothing against her. I just found the answer VERY VERY alarming because the person said clearly she asked her because she was so knowledgeable about makeup.

Now let me start with point one above. This may be true. If I took my disclosure from someone though, even if I had their permission, I would have credited them with it. But if that is the case, then I do apologize. I would like to point out though, that this WAS what her disclosure looked like if you recall:

And starting the day after my post, this is her new disclosure. Totally different, and she put a footnote in saying where she got it. I do find it odd that if it was a disclosure that she had permission to use, why she would change it the minute she was called out on using it. But that is neither here nor there.

Point two of that above post that is circled. I never said she was forcing people to give her their money. I said I found it really really appalling that she had a donate button up to help her go on a trip to do makeup shopping. And when I made a comment about it earlier, she took down the page. If she sees nothing wrong with it, why did she take it down?

Now again, we will do this step by step. How did we twist her words? This is her ENTIRE unedited comment. The rest of the chat actually makes it look much WORSE than this comment on its own. About how expensive the box was and how she wouldn't spend the money on it. So HOW did I twist her words?

Now, as for the last bit, I find this the most impressive part of the post. I will first point out that I never accused her of being behind these boxes. I posted a link that suggested she was. In the link though, she also vehemently denies any connection. She NOW says she started up the companies but FOUND OUT IT WAS fake makeup and chose not to go through with it. Then I have a few questions.

1. Why did she advertise the first box like this if she didn't know they were fakes?:

2. Why did Beauty In A Box START only AFTER she got kicked off of facebook/shut down from doing Ready Steady GO?

3. Why did she post this in the link I supplied you all with yesterday? The link can be found HERE 

Now shes says THERE that she had ZERO affiliation. Now she says yes, she was the one behind it but.... So don't worry everyone. The REAL story is shes not lying now, she was lying then?


  1. I've experienced something like this before, only on a religious level. Speaking the truth about someone who's a continual liar isn't easy, especially if she has convinced others that she's legitimate, which I highly doubt this blogger is. It's obvious she's opting for "damage control" here, and the fact that her blog was made private goes to show how truly underhanded she is, as if the proof you have given us here isn't enough. Thank you for posting your original blog post in the SMYTC Facebook group; you truly have integrity and it is quite obvious you want to warn people about bloggers like this person. Thank you <3

    1. You people are so full of hard feelings towards humanity and you don't even analyze the facts for yourself. You just take other people opinions and make them yours. All you do in the end is promote hate.

    2. How are we not analyzing the facts for ourselves?



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